What does it cost your company every time a caregiver leaves? The typical cost is approximately $1,500. If you have only 10 caregivers leave in one year those bad hires have cost you $15,000. Hiring caregivers that are a poor fit will impact revenue, employee morale and client satisfaction. Why not spend your time and money investing in caregivers with a great attitude who are a good job fit?

Caregiver Quality Assurance is a program created by Leading Home Care to help home care companies improve caregiver retention and reduce their turnover costs. Leading Home Care partnered with PeopleClues to provide an online tool to assess attitude and job fit. Important Behavioral Interview Questions are also generated to help you make the most of each interview. You'll also have access to a Training & Coaching Report to help successfully on-board each new hire. Become a member of the Caregiver Quality Assurance program today by purchasing an assessment license, the first step to growing your home care company.

To learn more contact Diane West at 502-339-2132 or request a demo at http://caregiverquality.com/Free-Demo.html.

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