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Stephen Tweed

Strategic Focus for Caregiver Recruiting and Retention (Part 2)

By Stephen Tweed As the leaves on the trees in Kentucky begin to change colors, it’s a sign that the time has come for thinking about next year. Fall is the time when many organization leaders think about Strategic Planning for their businesses. What will you do to get ready …

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Strategic Focus for Caregiver Recruiting and Retention

By Stephen Tweed I’m sitting on the porch of an amazing B&B in the wonderful seaside town of Cape May, New Jersey. It’s the official end of summer, and time to get back into high energy mode for fall.  As I get ready to head back to Louisville, I’m thinking …

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Company Culture Makes a Difference in Recruiting and Retention

By Stephen Tweed What is the most significant difference between the companies that have grown their business in 2021 compared to the companies that have not been able to grow? The answer:  The ability to find and keep new caregivers. We have reached a crisis point in the home care …

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Conquering the Crisis: Proven Solutions for Caregiver Recruiting and Retention

The biggest barrier to growing your home care business today is the caregiver recruiting and retention crisis. There are simply not enough caregivers to meet the needs of aging clients and growing companies. This is not a new crisis. It has been around for over a decade, but the crisis …

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Improve Caregiver Retention by Refocusing your Recruiting

By Stephen Tweed In preparation for a recent Caregiver Quality Assurance Mastermind Group, (link to CQA) I was studying the 2021 Home Care Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse.  My attention was focused on the Recruiting and Retention Section, and some of the data that came from this most recent …

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More on Money Matters More

By Stephen Tweed Last week’s Caregiver Quality Today newsletter article “Money Matters More in Recruiting than Retention” got more attention and feedback than any article I’ve written in years. We received a number of responses ranging from “Right On”, to a connection on LinkedIn who wrote “You continue to make …

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Money Matters More in Recruiting than Retention

By Stephen Tweed This idea came out of one of our Home Care CEO Mastermind meetings when a member shared with us his ah-ha moment. In our Mastermind meeting, we were discussing language and messaging in job ads.  This member went back and reviewed his job ads and discovered that …

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Hot Topics for Caregiver Recruiting and Retention

By Stephen Tweed A Sneak Preview of the 2021 Home Care Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse shows that caregiver turnover was up in 2020 to 65.2% from 64.3% in 2019.  We are also in the midst of a “perfect storm” of government benefits that have dramatically slowed the number …

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Has Work Ethic Gone Missing in the United States?

By Stephen Tweed I was out for my morning walk this morning, and listening to a podcast by Dr. Albert Mohler, the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary here in Louisville, KY.  This morning Dr. Mohler was talking about some new data that show shifts in our society around …

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