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Company Culture is Key to Caregiver Recruiting and Retention

The biggest barrier to growing your home care business is the Caregiver Recruiting and Retention Crisis, and the number one element in finding and keeping caregivers is creating a great place to work. Our research shows that creating a great place to work begins with your company culture.

Culture is simply, “The way we do things around here.” your culture is defined by four factors:

  1. The leadership style of the CEO.
  2. The Core Values of the company that guide your actions and decisions.
  3. The behavior you expect as a result of those values.
  4. The behavior you permit

Over the past five years we have done extensive research on what we call “The Caregiver Quality Company Culture”. The leading home companies in the top tier of home care are already aware of the importance of crafting their culture. Members of the Top 5% Mastermind Group at the Home Care CEO Forum are all working on crafting their culture.

At Caregiver Quality Assurance, we have developed a seven step process for crafting your culture. These seven steps are define in Course #1 of our Learning Management System. This course is divided into seven lessons:

I-1 Define Your Core Values

I-2 Define the Behaviors you Expect

I-3 Community your Values and Expected Behaviors

I-4 Train your Leaders

I-5 Engage your Caregivers

I-6 Promote your Culture

I-7 Reinforce your Culture

You and your leadership team can work together to craft the culture you want. You can learn more about how to build your culture by all viewing Course #1, The Caregiver Quality Company Culture.

Participation in this program is by annual membership only. If you would like to become a member of a Caregiver Quality Mastermind Group with other companies your size who share your same challenges and also have access to this unique online learning system, then apply for membership today