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Conquering the Crisis: Proven Solutions for Caregiver Recruiting and Retention

The biggest barrier to growing your home care business today is the caregiver recruiting and retention crisis. There are simply not enough caregivers to meet the needs of aging clients and growing companies.

This is not a new crisis. It has been around for over a decade, but the crisis has reached a peak with “The Perfect Storm of Recruiting”.  Unemployed workers are sitting on a pile of cash from income tax refunds, COVID Stimulus checks, and childcare tax credits.  Add to that over $15 per hour in unemployment compensation and workers are not coming back to home care.

What Can You Do?

While there is no easy answer to this crisis, there are some proven solutions that the leading home care companies in the industry have put into practice that are working.  Sixty nine percent of the members of the Home Care CEO Forum grew their companies in 2020 over 2019, and the average revenue growth was 14.45%.  To achieve that level of growth, you need to have a significant net gain in the number of caregivers on your payroll.

The Proven Solutions

For over a decade, Stephen Tweed, CEO of Leading Home Care … a Tweed Jeffries company and Founder of Caregiver Quality Assurance has been studying this issue.  He has identified the most significant solution.  That is to create a great place to work where professional caregivers really want to work.  That means crafting a Culture of Attraction and Accomplishment.  Your Culture is the way you do things in your company and your culture is influenced by four factors:

  1. The Leadership Style of the CEO
  2. The Core Values that guide your decisions and actions
  3. The Behavior you expect
  4. The Behavior you Permit.

Proven Systems for Recruiting and Retention

As you are crafting your culture, you also need to put in place proven systems to find and keep the caregivers you need.  This is the Caregiver Quality Solution System.  The seven steps are:

  1. Define Your Best Caregivers
  2. Attract the Best Caregivers
  3. Select the Best Applicants
  4. Hire and on-board the Best New Hires
  5. Train and Develop the Best
  6. Recognize and Reward the Best
  7. Retain the Best

Stephen Tweed Wrote the Book on Caregiver Quality

To understand in more detail how you can craft an exceptional company culture, and how you can put systems in place to recruit, select, on-board, and retain the very best caregivers in your local market, you’ll want to order a copy of Stephen’s latest book.

Conquering the Crisis: Proven Solutions for Caregiver Recruiting and Retention was written specifically for owners and CEOs of private pay, non-medical home care companies in the top 10% of the industry.  If you are the owner of a leading company in your local market, you’ll want to get this book and apply the strategies and insights inside. 

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