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Have You Defined your Caregiver Recruiting System?

One of the lessons we have learned from working with owners and CEOs of home care companies in the Top 5% of the industry is that you need to be a “systems thinker”. In home care, there are many tasks and activities that must be repeated daily, weekly, on monthly. Those repeated tasks and activities need to be built into a system.

A system is a combination of processes and people that assure your task or activities will be repeated consistently, effectively, and efficiently. Caregiver Recruiting is one of those activities that needs a system.

To help you, we have created the Caregiver Quality Recruiting System. This system is described to you in detail on the online learning system that is a key part of Caregiver Quality Assurance. Course number 2 – The Caregiver Quality Recruiting System has seven lessons:

II-1 Define your Best Caregivers

II-2 Develop your Three-pronged Recruiting Strategy

II-2A Caregiver Quality Employee Referral Programs

II-2B Caregiver Quality Digital Recruiting

II-2C Caregiver Quality Face to Face Recruiting

II-3 Create Rhythm and Consistency in your Recruiting

II-4 Tell Your Story

II-5 Test and Refine Your Recruiting Message

II-6 Set up and Manage Your Applicant Tracking System

II-7 Track Your Data and Refine Your System.

You can help your recruiters improve their results by giving them access to Course II of this online learning system. Access is through an annual membership that includes access to new research, membership in a Caregiver Quality Mastermind Group, and access to the online learning system with five courses and 35 lessons . If you are serious about growing your home care company in 2021, and would like to interact with other home care companies of a similar size to yours, then apply for membership today.