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Hot Topics for Caregiver Recruiting and Retention

By Stephen Tweed

A Sneak Preview of the 2021 Home Care Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse shows that caregiver turnover was up in 2020 to 65.2% from 64.3% in 2019.  We are also in the midst of a “perfect storm” of government benefits that have dramatically slowed the number of applicants for caregiver jobs.  The result is that home care companies are turning away clients in unprecedented numbers.  These are frail elderly who are seeking care in their own homes.

In an effort to overcome the Perfect Storm of recruiting obstacles, the Home Care CEO Forum and Caregiver Quality Assurance are conducting a survey of its members, clients, and newsletter subscribers to identify the most important topics to discuss and resolve.  In the preliminary results, 19 companies in from our Home Care CEO Mastermind Groups the top 10% of the industry rated their most important topics on a scale of 1 to 5. 

 The Top 5 Topics:

1. Improving 90-Day Retention – 4.50

2. Developing Office Staff for Caregiver Retention – 4.33

3. Measuring and Managing Caregiver Satisfaction – 4.06

4.  Employee Engagement for Caregivers – 4.06

5.  Recruiting and Retention Metrics – 4.06

Having this early data is really helping us develop more in-depth discussions, and design more research, to help you grow your business.  We have been doing extensive research into techniques for improving 90-day retention. We’ve been discussing this in the Caregiver Quality Mastermind Group, and we’re developing new lessons for the CQA Online Learning System.  We have seen several companies make dramatic improvement in their 90-day retention.

Mastermind Groups Discussing Office Team Impact on Caregiver Retention

This past week, we began the May 2021 series of CEO Mastermind Group meetings.  This topic for this month is number 2 on our list – Developing Office Staff for Caregiver Retention.  The members of our Mastermind Groups shared some wonderful ideas on what they are doing to engage their office team members in retaining caregivers.  Here are some ideas to get your office staff involved in caregiver retention:

  • Conducting Leadership Development Classes for office staff.
  • Setting a policy to have all office staff send out a specific number of handwritten cards to caregivers.
  • Assigning specific responsibility for caregiver retention to one office team member.
  • Setting a plan to contact new caregivers frequently during the first week, the first month, and throughout the first 90 days.  

These are just of few of the many meaningful tactics that these companies are using to retain caregivers.  The discussions go into much more detail, and members are sharing data on the results they are getting. It is clear that if we can’t find new caregivers, we need to retain the ones that we have. 

Participate in Our Research

A big part of our work here at Caregiver Quality Assurance is doing research in to strategies and best practices for finding and keeping caregivers. We would like to have more data for this survey, so we are inviting all of our Caregiver Quality Today newsletter subscribers to participate in this survey. It takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds to complete, so it’s really simple.  

Please click on the link below and give us your insights into he most important topics for finding and keeping high quality caregivers.