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The Five Elements of Caregiver Quality Assurance

by Stephen Tweed

January 2021 is an exciting time in the home care industry as we move past Covid-19 and a new era for in-home personal care.

Research from our Home Care CEO Forum has shown us that the biggest barrier to growing a home care business is caregiver recruiting and retention. There are simply not enough caregivers to meet the growing demands of an aging population. I spoke with the CEO of one of our Top 5% Mastermind Group member just yesterday, and he was very optimistic about growing his business in 2021, except for the challenge in finding caregivers. He said, “If I could get more caregivers, I could double my business.”

In March of 2020, as Covid was making it’s appearance, we launched a new project to address this major industry roadblock. It is called Caregiver Quality Assurance, and it has five major elements.

The Five Elements of Caregiver Quality Assurance.

Years of research on what the top companies in the home care industry are doing to find and keep caregivers, grow their businesses, and get ready for the future has led us to develop the Five Elements of Caregiver Quality Assurance.

  1. The Caregiver Quality Company Culture – it is clear that the best way to attract and retain caregiver is to create a great place to work. We’ve studied company cultures for hundreds of home care companies, and we’ve outlined a proven process for you to create a “Culture of Attraction and Accomplishment” in your home care company.
  2. The Caregiver Quality Recruiting System – is based on the Three-pronged Approach to recruiting.  You can no longer depend only online recruiting.  You need to apply these other proven methods.
  3. The Caregiver Quality Selection System – while recruiting is critical, selection is the key.  With turnover in home care above 60%, and 80% of turnover happening in the first 90 days, you can no longer just hire every applicant who comes along.  You need a proven process for selecting the very best applicants who are committed to home care and to your company.
  4. The Caregiver Quality On-Boarding System – shows that the first day on the job makes all the difference in the careers of your caregiver.  Make their first exposure to your company memorable experience.
  5. The Caregiver Quality Retention System –  keeping your caregivers is critical to growing your business.  If you turnover is near the industry median of 64.3%, you can’t grow your business because all of your new hires are going to replace caregivers who left.  Our focus is on helping you reduce your 90-day turnover so you can use your new hires to grow your business.
Participation is by Annual Membership

We have found that the best way to help home care leaders develop the knowledge, skills, and tools to grow their business is through a long-term commitment to engagement.  We want to make sure our members are truly committed to Caregiver Quality Assurance, so the only way to participate is through an annual membership.  You will have the opportunity to enroll up to five members of your team in the program.

Member Companies and CQA participants will have access to:

  • Participation in a CQA Mastermind Group
  • Participating on a monthly CQA Town Hall Meeting
  • The CQA Online Learning System with five courses and 35 lessons
  • Membership in a CQA Members Only Facebook Group
  • Unlimited access to the CQA Team with questions and requests for resources

This new service to home care companies in the to top tier of our industry is based on three components:

  1. Research – we are continuing to conduct research to find the best methods for attracting high quality applicants, for selecting the best applicants, for on-boarding new hires, and for retaining the caregivers you have.
  2. Caregiver Quality Mastermind Groups – The success of Home Care CEO Mastermind Groups has proven that bringing leaders together to share ideas, solve problems, and support one another really works. Members of Caregiver Quality Assurance will be enrolled in a CQA Mastermind Group with other companies of similar size who do not compete with you so that you can meet regularly to share ideas, solve problems, and support one another.
  3. Online Learning – We recognize that many times your front line team members who handle recruiting, selection, on-boarding, and retention may not have all of the knowledge, skills, and tools to find and keep caregivers.  We’ve developed a totally new online learning system with Five Courses and Seven Lessons per course, for a total of 35 lessons in the base program.  We are adding additional content to this base program as we develop new material.

Apply to see if your company Qualifies

Caregiver Quality Assurance is open to home care companies in the top tier of our industry. If you are now providing more than 1,500 hours of home care per week, then you may be able to join a Caregiver Quality Mastermind Group and participate in the online learning program . To set up a confidential interview to discuss your company and the benefits of this program, apply for membership today.