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The Number One System for Attracting and Retaining High Quality Caregivers

By Stephen Tweed

You are not alone. Every home care company we know is struggling to find and keep caregivers.  We’ve heard repeatedly, “If I could get more good caregivers, I could double my business.”

We’ll I’m not going to suggest we can double your business, but I do know that 69% of our Home Care CEO Mastermind Members grew their business in 2020 over 2019, and the average growth in revenue was 14.44 percent.  To achieve these growth numbers these companies have to be doing something right in terms of recruiting.  And what they have been doing right is fine tuning their recruiting system to attract high quality applicants.

Our research at Caregiver Quality Assurance shows that most home care companies are relying on digital recruiting for finding new caregivers, and the number one online recruiting source is  Our data also show that Indeed has the lowest 90-day retention rate.  We’ve found that growing home care companies have a three-pronged approach to recruiting; digital, employee referral programs, and face to face recruiting in the community. 

The number one source of caregivers for 90-day retention is your Employee Referral Program. 

Most home care leaders say they have an Employee Referral Program, and many of them say their ERP is not effective.  We’ve found three reasons that your program may not be effective:

  1. You are not actively marketing your program to all employees frequently enough
  2. You are not paying an incentive that is large enough to matter to employees
  3. You are not celebrating successes and making it meaningful to refer someone

So, to put your ERP to work, do the opposite of these three things.  Market your program frequently and creatively, pay a significant incentive, and celebrate whenever one of your employees refers a candidate who makes it through your selection and on-boarding system.

If you are serious about growing your home care business, consider putting focus on your Employee Referral Program to find and keep the caregivers you need.

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